Mrs LeAundrea came and saved me when I was at my crossroad in my life. She help me with my transition from being homeless and jobs less to have a apartment and a job. I remember her tell me this will not be easy and you are going to have to fight like hell but if you listen to me And do what I tell you you will make it. I took her advice and I listen to her strong but loving words I took my life back that day and because of Mrs Robinson and the large amount of resources and connections that she has. I am so grateful for this woman and have beautiful caring soul because without her me and my kids what not have had a place to go and I thank God for sending me an angel.


“I became a Credit Specialist because I learned of information for myself and my family so that we could repair our credit to be able to get the house and car of our dreams. We found a company that not only repairs your credit but also equips you with financial literacy to financially upgrade your whole life! We now qualify for our dream home"
-Madinah Faison 


#AllGoodThingsDeriveFromGoodCredit ✨✨✨

#RepairYourCreditAndLiveFree ✨✨✨


In 2017, I moved from Jacksonville, Florida, to Piedmont, South Carolina, to seek better opportunities for myself. I lived with my mother in Piedmont for about a year before I enrolled in Greenville Technical College. However, in that same year, we moved from Piedmont to Seneca, SC. This huge switch made things difficult for me with trying to continue school. When I first started school at Greenville Technical College, everything was very changing for me. I did not have reliable transportation to get around, I struggled with trying to keep a job, I traveled at 6 am to get to school, and 11 pm to get home, and my stepfather made too much money, so my financial aid only covered a portion of my tuition. 
During my first semester, I met Ms. LeAndrea Robinson and shared with her my situation. Ms. LeAndrea connected me with Ms. Stella, and they both helped me create a plan. During the summer, LeAndrea helped me with housing and provided me with ways of transportation. Ms. Stella got me involved with the Circle’s through Share to help me become more independent. After the summer, they both got me into student housing, and Ms. Stella even went further to provide me with home and kitchen supplies. 
These two women supported me so much and gave me the push I needed to strive as a student. Through the Circle’s program, I was able to get my driver’s license and pay for student housing. I feel so blessed for the many opportunities I had as a student, and I am also grateful for having them in my corner. I have worked as an intern for the YMCA, I have become a Cru Student Leader, an active student in the Trio Program, and a Student Presidential Ambassador for College. Now I have graduated from Greenville Technical College with my Associate of Arts Degree, and I am excited to move forward with my education.