Unity Project, Inc. was founded to fill the gap in affordable housing and lack of shelter space for individuals and families experiencing homelessness.  We will provide safe, affordable housing with cost-effective, prefabricated cabins that can be easily adapted as living quarters.  

In addition to housing, we will provide comprehensive services such as: financial assistance, intensive case management, financial literacy workshops, entrepreneurship workshops, transportation services, access to medical and dental services, and access to childcare for those working second shift or taking evening classes.  


Everyday, people within our own community struggle to find secure shelter for themselves and their families.  Some people in need are turned away from community shelters due to family size or other factors.  Unity Project, Inc's goal is to provide affordable housing to individuals and families that would traditionally not qualify for other shelters or programs. 


The current housing market does not provide enough affordable housing solutions to meet the needs of low income residents. Therefore, Unity Project Inc. worked to find an innovative solution to combat homelessness and address the lack of affordable housing in Greenville.  Through small, compact, and cost-effective shed homes, we will be able to provide safe, affordable housing for vulnerable members of our community.


Mobile Beacon and PCs for People  

Bridging the Gap is a partnership between PCs for People and Mobile Beacon that brings access to life and helps low income individuals and families get on the path to opportunity by providing the first-class technology, they need to break the cycle of poverty.

Bridging the Gap enables nonprofits to offer their community high-quality, affordable computers and first-class uncapped, high-speed, and unlimited internet service so, their limited budgets won’t mean a second-class level of technology.

Work At-Home Equipment Solutions (WAHES)

Work At-Home Equipment Solutions (WAHES) is a computer equipment, accessories and work at-home equipment store.


Our niche is the remote workforce. We have provided Ready to Work computer bundles that support 15+WAH Platforms and our highly trained technicians can custom-build a system specific to you and the client’s needs. 

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