We serve our community even though we don’t always get caught on camera. We serve our community even though we are not always recognized for it. We serve our community through sacrifices of our own. We serve our community because we see the lasting positive impact on our society at large.


Pack-A-Purse is a project where we packed purses for ladies in need because purses make it personal.

Valley Brook Church Women’s Conference

Representing S.I.M.S. at the valley Brook women's conference - "Free to be me"

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Relax & Rewind

Relax & Rewind is a project where we brought in a guided meditation for women because storms don’t last forever.

Ei for Women (Ei4W), LLC

Ei for Women (Ei4W), LLC is a coaching and consulting business that coaches clients in becoming the best version of themselves; by engaging emotional intelligence skills to enhance personal and professional development. Such skills will motivate and strengthen women's lives, who are ready to take their journey of self-discovery to another level. As women, we are known for making many sacrifices to provide for and help others. In doing so, often, our focus shifts, and we start to neglect our own health and well-being; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Ei4W is here to support and encourage such women! Our services include administering the EQ-i 2.0 assessment, one-on-one consultations, group events - teambuilding, and group or one-on-one coaching sessions from an Ei4W certified practitioner and coach. Ei for Women, LLC is here to discover, revive, and empower you to be the best you, you were created to be....


SIMS has just launched Little Brown Girls‼️

Unity Project Inc sponsored 6 kits for K-4 & K-5 children that didn’t get to graduate with a side of Layna’s Lemonade.



Starting in July, another young entrepreneur will be sponsored.


One Little Brown Girl

will be sponsored once a month.

“Vannah’s Hand’s” makes hand sanitizer from scratch and it’s officially coming soon in July.